Compelling Conversations: Developing Communication Style through Myers-Briggs® Type

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Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type


Change in any organisation can be challenging. This workshop introduces the psychology of change and helps participants understand the impact of type on their and others response to change. Participants will leave the workshop to manage their personal response to change in a positive way.


3.5hrs To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the […]

Impactful Influencing: Harnessing the Power of Myers-Briggs® Type


This workshop is designed to help individuals leverage their Myers-Briggs® Type to develop more effective influencing skills. Participants will learn how they influence others and how others influence them, and practice skills of ethical and effective influencing.


½ Day or 1 day To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the MBTI® type step I […]

Team Development using MBTI®


The success of any organisation depends upon how its people work together. In this workshop participants will learn how their personality preferences lead to differences in their work, communication and decision-making styles. Once participants understand their own style they learn to “flex” those preferences to accommodate styles of other team members and so capitalise on […]

Gas Turbine Maintenance Activities – 1 Day

This maintenance course covers some of the basic operations and maintenance activities and has been specially designed by AJSS for Multi Customer Operations and Maintenance teams. The course incorporates 1 days’ interactive training at the AJSS Interactive Training Facility in Melbourne.

Enjoyable Interactive Discussion
Individual Student Workbooks
Unique Power Point and White Board learning sessions
Interactive technical Demonstrations […]