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Improve employee training with our custom content creation and hosting services. Offering interactive courses, assessments, additional content, certificates, and advanced training solutions that include Virtual and Mixed Reality training.

Create technical training for classrooms, e-learning, and VR-mixed reality. Choose dedicated hosting or easy integration with SCORM / App files or included custom hardware, we can build for any Learning Management System.

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Let the engineers and scientists at Stacked Learning build your technical training content.


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What can we do


Make safety training fun and interactive with our custom-built animated modules. Cover any topic, specific to your site and include knowledge checks and verification for maximum effectiveness.


Enhance your maintenance process with interactive games, and visual simulations, using a standard work approach. Test operator’s knowledge and improve efficiency with digital twin technology and stripping and rebuilding components simulations.


Creating digital twin of your equipment with any level of complexity, from simple surface render to full exploded view, we animate operating parameters and allow users to experiment with conditions.


Bring your work instructions and procedures alive by making them interactive and gamified online modules. Test team understanding, verify adherence, and practice safely before field execution.

Our development process

At stacked Learning we have developed a clear and concise process to take an idea for a training course to a full build and deployment in your company.

Step 1

Establish the learning objectives
Establish clear learning objectives and provide guidance on what you want to achieve. Develop team will decide the complexity of digital twinning and focus on desired info.

Step 2

Content Analysis
Together, examine drivers behind previously established learning objectives (e.g. safety, maintenance, operations, lack of understanding) to identify "hot spots" for our team to develop relevant activities, simulations, and knowledge checks.

Step 3

Learning Theory – The Stacked Learning Philosophy
At Stacked Learning, we understand that the most effective training courses are those that are not lengthy but use repeat and reaffirm methods, based on the principles of Edgar Dale's cone of learning and David Kolb's experiential learning theory (see below)

Step 4

Build The Content
We create a basic course structure, add your branding, and fill it with content by gathering necessary materials, ensuring the safety of your IP and confidential information.

Step 5

Template Build and First Content
Once we've created content, we want to ensure your satisfaction and make changes early on in the process. Once you approve, we continue building and need sign-off that we have the necessary customer-specific information to finish the build.

Step 6

First Draft Sign Off
Once we have created most of the content we will prepare a first draft for you to sign off. We can still make detail changes at this point, add or delete information but not redesign the whole course for new objectives. Once signed off we are locked in to finish off the module as designed.

Step 7

Delivery of Content
We can export the final content in a variety of format’s compatible with most Learning Management Systems (LMS’s), or host through our dedicated system with your branding according to agreement.

After build support

At Stacked Learning, if content needs refreshing, new format, or becomes corrupted, we will fix it. If we create other content and optimise code, we will offer a new optimized copy of the course content at no charge.


At Stacked Learning we have enhanced our technical knowledge as engineers and scientists with the most effective and practical learning and development ideas to create engaging and interactive training.

We believe in creating training that builds on practical field experience. For experienced operators we bring tips and hints and an opportunity to consolidate the background theory and knowledge to work in the field. For those new to industry, we bring our practical experience to our training modules and focus on what you need to know to work safely and effectively.

Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning

Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience helps L&D professionals to plan learning experiences that take advantage of the most effective learning environmentsKnown in some circles as the ‘Learning Pyramid’, Dale’s Cone of Experience is one of the most commonly misrepresented learning theories. At Stacked learning we are big advocates of the Edgar Dale cone of experience and the training courses we build follow the model he introduced in the 1950’s.We recognise that people learn in different ways and retain knowledge at different speeds. The Edgar Dale original model of 11 stages of experience has been adapted to learning as below.The powerful message from Edgar Dale’s work is that if you want to ensure maximum retention of knowledge, use a variety of methods of delivering the information and combine these with activities, simulations and real experiences to embed the knowledge.

David Kolb

David Kolb published his learning styles model in 1984 and developed a learning style inventory. His theory involves a 4-stage cycle of learning: experiencing, thinking, breaking down, and rebuilding through experimentation. At Stacked Learning, we believe in combining theory with active experimentation and observation through augmented/virtual reality training courses that build on workplace knowledge.

Immersive Training

Mixed Reality modules and exhibhitions

Stacked Learning offers a range of training modules and solutions using the latest technologies for your particular needs. Our Virtual and Augmented Reality modules like Gas Turbine bore scoping and compressor engine assembly have been featured internationally in exhibitions like ADIPEC Dubai, Australian Gas Pipeline Association Conference in Brisbane, and the YPF Australian Engineering association. If you would like to feature next-gen interactive engineering training in your next event or get a custom one for your training needs, get in touch.

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