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The Stacked Learning team is composed of experts from AJ Stack Solutions who have over 400+ years of combined experience in the rotating equipment industry.


AJ Stack Solutions have been in the equipment and rotating machinery industry for over 40 years with 400+ years of combined field experience, where aside from offering Engineering, Asset Management,  Field Services, and more it dedicates itself to operations training in a physical workshop via immersive learning and interactive environments. Taking the learnings from physical workshops we have created Stacked Learning.

Stacked Learning has been developed to provide an immersive experience to the user while learning technical disciplines, with transferrable hands-on experiences, but in the comfort of your own home or office by implanting the technical content into a virtual environment within an online learning management system.

We have all experienced sitting in a classroom while a lecturer presents a Powerpoint presentation on some technical knowledge while battling to stay awake. That’s why, at Stacked Learning, we have developed an immersive experience to upgrade the user by learning highly technical content and transferable skills while enjoying it in the process.

Stacked Learning is excited for you to come on this unique opportunity with us to bring users across the world to experience places they have never been before and experience training that has never been done before.

We Solve and Innovate

The work we do requires problem-solving, design thinking and collaboration between fields.

We love to Explore

We dedicate ourselves to research and experimenting with the latest technologies and engineering.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We have developed a clear and concise Process to take an idea to a product.

We Keep It Simple

Staying ahead with the latest technology, while keeping it simple.

Your Dream. Our Passion.

We are passionate about knowledge sharing

Stacked Learning is made up of experts and passionate people in their respective fields. From Engineering, Servicing to Simulations and Immersive Environment’s Creative Technologists. 

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The Faces Behind our Success

Stacked Learning is part of AJ Stack Solutions Pty Ltd and has become a stand-alone business of its own under the TRAINING banner for AJSS.

It was created by a team of experts, passionate and driven to share expert knowledge with learners around the globe.

Stacked Learning can develop, write, build and deliver training to users around the world, using a multiple platforms to deliver content.



With almost 40 years of experience in the Marine, Oil and Gas and Power Generation industries, Arthur brings a mature mix of technical and business management skills, together with a strong network of industry contacts and exposure to global projects.

In this time he has spent 26 years working for Solar Turbines Incorporated in various technical and commercial roles of increasing responsibility. His most recent role was Regional Service Manager for Solar Turbines Australia from 1st January 2008 to 31st May 2013. In this role he assumed the Sales and Operations responsibility for all of Solars’ aftermarket business in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region.

While on assignment in San Diego, Arthur completed a Masters of Business Administration (Marketing Major) to compliment his Diploma in Professional Business. In addition to his business management qualifications Arthur spent 10 years as a multi-disciplined Gas Turbine Commissioning Engineer in both Oil & Gas Power and Generation markets.



Dr Alasdair Lee is a highly experienced learning and development professional who started his career as a teaching and research academic before moving on to a career working with some of the biggest global Mining and Oil and Gas companies in training and organisational development.

Alasdair believes that everyone can be a lifelong learner and make great achievements given the right motivation and the availability of the best teaching and learning material available. He has dedicated his career to developing knowledge in e-learning, classroom teaching and research in all aspects of learning and development and forged a successful career in industry breaking new ground in teaching and learning in an operational context.

Alasdair holds a PhD in Chemistry, teaching qualifications in tertiary and adult education as well as industry recognised vocational training qualifications from the University of Cambridge, Murdoch University and Scope training. In addition, Alasdair has become certified in MBTI, PROSCI Change Management, DiSC and Team Management Profile.

Matt Rostein

Business Engineer

Sahaj Garg

Lead Technologist

Luis Starke

Business Director

Stephen Muehlenberg

Digital Content Developer

Peter Hootsen

Engineering Manager

Alison Robb

HR & Marketing Consultant

Kenny Tachimoto

Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer

Bob Graf

Technical Director

Ray Taylor

Engineering Consultant

Anothony Ryan

Business Manager WA

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