Improving Decision Making Using Myers-Briggs® Type to Understand Decision-Making Style

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Compelling Conversations: Developing Communication Style through Myers-Briggs® Type


Communication is essential in building and maintaining relationships. This Compelling Conversations workshop helps participants identify and understand their own and others’ communication style based on MBTI® type and practice their skills to communicate more effectively.


4 hr To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the MBTI® type step I instrument and had a debriefing session with […]

Impactful Influencing: Harnessing the Power of Myers-Briggs® Type


This workshop is designed to help individuals leverage their Myers-Briggs® Type to develop more effective influencing skills. Participants will learn how they influence others and how others influence them, and practice skills of ethical and effective influencing.


½ Day or 1 day To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the MBTI® type step I […]

MBTI® Concepts for Managers


This workshop is designed to assist managers at all levels mentor and manage their direct reports, increase their own effectiveness at work and learn to recognise “type” clues in their teams. Participants will become more familiar with their own type and preferences and how this influences the way they interact with their teams as well […]

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence through Myers-Briggs® Type

Studies have shown emotional intelligence is the single most important factor in high job performance, with links to leadership, happiness, team performance and problem solving. Participants learn to harness the power of Myers-Briggs® type to perceive and respond to emotions more effectively. Developing an understanding of emotional intelligence and why it is important is useful […]