MBTI® Concepts for Managers

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Enhancing Emotional Intelligence through Myers-Briggs® Type

Studies have shown emotional intelligence is the single most important factor in high job performance, with links to leadership, happiness, team performance and problem solving. Participants learn to harness the power of Myers-Briggs® type to perceive and respond to emotions more effectively. Developing an understanding of emotional intelligence and why it is important is useful […]

Leader Development: An MBTI® Step 1 Type Workshop


This workshop aims to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to recognise their leadership and create a development plan for enhancing their leadership effectiveness using the principles of MBTI® personality type.


1 day To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the MBTI® type step I instrument and had a debriefing session with any […]

Gas Compressors – 1 Day


This Gas Compressor Operations, Maintenance and Controls course has been specially designed by AJSS for Multi Customer Operations and Maintenance teams. The course incorporates 2 days’ interactive training covering reciprocating and centrifugal gas compressors.

Enjoyable Interactive Discussion
Individual Student Workbooks
Unique Power Point and White Board learning sessions
Interactive technical Demonstrations and Gamification
Individual student follow up with end of […]

Impactful Influencing: Harnessing the Power of Myers-Briggs® Type


This workshop is designed to help individuals leverage their Myers-Briggs® Type to develop more effective influencing skills. Participants will learn how they influence others and how others influence them, and practice skills of ethical and effective influencing.


½ Day or 1 day To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the MBTI® type step I […]