Leader Development: An MBTI® Step 1 Type Workshop

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Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment


Conflict occurs wherever people’s concerns appear incompatible, making it a common and inevitable part of life. This workshop facilitation kit provides a comprehensive introduction to conflict management. Participants will learn to appreciate their own and others’ approach to conflict and develop skills for assessing conflict situations and selecting appropriate strategies to handle them. They’ll practice […]

MBTI® Concepts for Managers


This workshop is designed to assist managers at all levels mentor and manage their direct reports, increase their own effectiveness at work and learn to recognise “type” clues in their teams. Participants will become more familiar with their own type and preferences and how this influences the way they interact with their teams as well […]

Stress Management: An MBTI® based workshop


Individuals encounter stress in the workplace. Stressed people don’t perform to their potential which can affect their careers. In this workshop participants will learn how to recognise the circumstances or events that are likely to trigger stress reactions and provide information and tips, based on their MBTI® preferences, on how to deal most effectively with […]

Impactful Influencing: Harnessing the Power of Myers-Briggs® Type


This workshop is designed to help individuals leverage their Myers-Briggs® Type to develop more effective influencing skills. Participants will learn how they influence others and how others influence them, and practice skills of ethical and effective influencing.


½ Day or 1 day To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the MBTI® type step I […]