Enhancing Emotional Intelligence through Myers-Briggs® Type

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Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type


Change in any organisation can be challenging. This workshop introduces the psychology of change and helps participants understand the impact of type on their and others response to change. Participants will leave the workshop to manage their personal response to change in a positive way.


3.5hrs To attend this workshop all participants must have completed the […]

Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment


Conflict occurs wherever people’s concerns appear incompatible, making it a common and inevitable part of life. This workshop facilitation kit provides a comprehensive introduction to conflict management. Participants will learn to appreciate their own and others’ approach to conflict and develop skills for assessing conflict situations and selecting appropriate strategies to handle them. They’ll practice […]

Gas Turbine Operations, Maintenance & Controls Training – (4 Days)


AJSS turbine operations, maintenance & controls training is a comprehensive interactive course delivered at our Melbourne Training centre. It features interactive technical demonstrations, gamification of concepts using the extensive range of equipment we have in the facility.


4 Days


Sundstrand 300hp Titan Radial Gas Turbine
Solar C40 Engines x 2
Reduction Gearbox x1
Complete Fuel Modules x 3
10vdc PECC Electronic […]

Improving Decision Making Using Myers-Briggs® Type to Understand Decision-Making Style


This workshop helps individuals explore their decision-making style and develop more effective decision-making skills through a better understanding of their Myers-Briggs® preferences. Participants discover what can inhibit high quality decision making, learn how personality preferences influence peoples decision making style and develop strategies to make both individual and group decision making more successful.


3.5 hrs To […]