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About Course

Switchyards are critical components in electrical power systems, responsible for the safe and efficient distribution of electricity. This overview will cover the basics of switchyards, including their key components, protection systems, and testing equipment.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the fundamental components and structures within switchyards.
  • Learn how protection systems ensure the safety and reliability of electrical operations.
  • Explore the essential testing equipment used for maintenance and diagnostics in switchyards.

Course Content

Components of a Switchyard
"Stage 1" of a program, focusing on the "Components of a Switchyard." It covers essential elements such as Transformers, Current Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Isolation Bars, Earthing Mats, and Surge/Lightning Protectors. This stage introduces learners to the fundamental parts and safety devices found within a switchyard, essential for ensuring the efficient and secure operation of power distribution networks.

  • Components of a Switchyard

Switchyard Safety and PPE
"Switchyard Safety and PPE," highlighting essential safety protocols and Personal Protective Equipment necessary for working safely in high voltage environments. This stage covers the use of proper safety gear, maintaining safe approach distances, implementing flexible earths for equipment de-energisation, planning safe movement within the switchyard, and verifying the isolation of electrical components to prevent accidents and ensure worker safety.

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