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Gas Turbine Package and Enclosure

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What Will You Learn?

  • Turbine and compressor installation
  • Turbine alignment
  • Enclosure Features
  • Air ventilation configuration
  • Filters and cooling methods
  • Forced draft vs negative pressure systems
  • Fire and gas detection equipment
  • Local Operating Network (LON) loop
  • Fire suppression sequence

Course Content

Package and Enclosure
Essential groundwork for gas turbine packages and enclosures. You'll learn the ins and outs of turbine and compressor installation, precise alignment techniques, and crucial enclosure features. This forms the basis for a deeper exploration into gas turbine systems.

  • Interactive Module 1

Turbine Air Inlet, Ventilation Air, and Exhaust
Dive into the critical components of gas turbine systems with Lesson 2. We dissect the turbine air inlet, uncovering its role in maintaining efficient combustion processes. Explore the significance of proper ventilation air mechanisms.Shed light on the exhaust system's importance, from managing emissions to ensuring safe operation. Lesson 2 equips you with a comprehensive understanding of turbine air inlet dynamics, ventilation air intricacies, and exhaust system functionalities."

Fire and Gas System
This lesson focuses on the fire and gas system within gas turbine packages and enclosures. Learn about the design and implementation of fire detection and suppression systems, and understand their critical role in preventing and managing potential hazards.Gain insights into gas detection systems that play a key role in maintaining a safe operational environment. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a thorough understanding of the fire and gas systems that are essential for safeguarding both personnel and equipment in gas turbine installations

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