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Water Treatment

About Course

This course provides an introduction to water treatment using reverse osmosis and covers the equipment required and their function to give an engineer/technician a strong foundation on how to use and maintain a Water Treatment facility. This course is divided into four sections, starting with the fundamentals of water treatment using reverse osmosis or septic systems. The second section covers how water is prepared for water treatment based on the feedwater into the system. The third section covers how water is processed post water treatment to prepare the water for end-use. The final section will explore how to conduct maintenance on the water treatment components, calibrate and interpret readings from indicators within the system.
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What I will learn?

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Septic systems
  • Filters and Functions
  • Backwashing media
  • Dosing tank functions
  • Conductivity and Salinity in permeate
  • Calcite Filter
  • UV and Chlorine treatments
  • Plant preparation for CIP cleaning
  • Blocked dosing Tank Micron filters
  • Interactive Water System Setup Simulation

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Water Treatment 

  • Fundamentals of Water Treatment 

Water Pre-Treatment

Post-Water Treatment 

Plant Maintenance
Plant preparation for CIP cleaning. Backwash conditions. Blocked dosing Tank Micron filters.

Interactive Water Cleaning Game SIm

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Target Audience

  • Perfect for anyone trying to understand and implement the water treatment processes, either for themselves off-grid or working in a professional treatment plant. An important life skill to keep.


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