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About Course

Understand the basics of thermodynamics, the gas laws and important equations in thermodynamics such as the Gibbs equation and how they apply to gas turbines and other cycle-based engines. The course starts with a series of visual definitions for isochoric or isentropic processes and those processes with constant pressure, temperature or volume. The course continues with explanations of enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs energy before then exploring the thermodynamic laws and their application. The course concludes with discussion and exploration of the PV and TS diagrams for ideal Carnot, Otto, Brayton and Rankine cycles.
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What I will learn?

  • Thermodynamic laws
  • What is an adiabatic process?
  • What is an isentropic process?
  • What is an isothermal process?
  • What is an isobaric process?
  • Carnot Cycle (Isothermal Process)
  • Rankine Cycle (Isentropic Process)
  • Brayton Cycle (Adiabatic Process)
  • Otto Cycle (Combination of processes)

Course Curriculum

Terminology Definitions

  • Terminology Definitions

Introduction to the Thermodynamic laws

Carnot Cycle (Isothermal Process)

Otto Cycle (Combination of processes)

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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Sahaj Garg
6 months ago
Incl GST

Target Audience

  • This course is perfect for anyone looking to develop a strong understanding in Thermodynamics laws and different types of combustion with real-life examples use cases like in car engines.


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