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Reciprocating Gas Engine 101

About Course

The course begins with a description of a gas engine and the difference between it and a gas turbine. Next the basic operation of the engine is explained in detail as well as the four stroke cycle is explained. The components of a reciprocating gas engine are broken down in the context of different engine systems. Next the fuel ignition, lubrication, and cooling systems are explained. Finally, there is an overview of the control system and how it integrates with other site control systems.
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What I will learn?

  • Gas engines and Gas Turbines
  • Gas engine Applications
  • Operating Principles
  • The 4 stroke ideal cycle
  • Crankcase and Engine Block
  • Crankshaft, Connecting Rod and Piston Components
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Turbocharger and Intercooler
  • Carburetors
  • Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
  • Fuel System
  • Ignition System
  • Cooling System
  • Lubrication system
  • Start and Stop Systems
  • Ignition System Control
  • Knock Control
  • Fuel Air Ratio
  • Turbocharger Control System
  • Speed Control and Speed Control Modes

Course Curriculum



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Target Audience

  • At the end of this course the student should be able to explain the applications and the fundamental operating principles of a gas engine. List and explain the different components of a gas engine. Identify major gas engine subsystems and explain the purpose of each subsystem. Have a basic understanding the control system of a reciprocating gas engine and how it integrates the key engine subsystems.


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