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Reciprocating Gas Compressor 101

Course Prerequisite(s)

  • Please note that this course has the following prerequisites which must be completed before it can be accessed
  • Gas Compressor Principles

About Course

The course starts by explaining diaphragm, single and dual acting the two different types, dynamic and positive displacement and the difference between reciprocating compressor and rotary compressors. Next the ideal compression cycle (PV diagram) is discussed. The course continues with an in depth description of the components that make up a reciprocating compressor. The course moves on to explain suction and discharge pressure, speed and the limitations of each in the context of the forces acting on the components. Finally the lubrication system is explained.
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What I will learn?

  • Applications of Reciprocating Compressors
  • Basic operating Principles
  • Ideal PV diagram
  • Compression Cycle Explained
  • Name and function of the components
  • Operating Principles
  • Volumetric efficiency and capacity control
  • Bearings
  • Components of the compressor package
  • Driver and driven equipment
  • Pulsation Bottles & Suction Scrubbers
  • Suction, Discharge and Speed
  • Compression ratio and discharge pressure
  • Multistage compression
  • Rod load limits and crosshead pin load reversal
  • Forced Feed Lubrication

Course Curriculum

Reciprocating Gas Compressor 101

  • Reciprocating Gas Compressor 101

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Target Audience

  • At the end of this course the student should be able to explain the application of different compressors, understand the fundamental operating principles of a reciprocating gas compressor, list and explain the function of the different components of a reciprocating gas compressor describe capacity control methods, and the lubricating system.


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