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Introduction to Gas Turbine Safety

About Course

Understand common safety concepts in operation on oil and gas and mine sites. Review of safe work principles, risk and hazards, controls and mitigation strategies and their application to gas turbine packages. The course begins with a review of common safety concepts in use in industry and safe systems of work. The following sections expand on the base concepts exploring the various methodologies for identifying and mitigating risk. Gas turbine packages, engines, common isolations, pre and post work checks and hazard assessments are discussed in detail. Throughout the course there are virtual activities to complete to assess understanding of the concepts.
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What I will learn?

  • Risk, Consequence and Likelihood,
  • Hierarchy of Controls and examples
  • Safety Nets and Fives (Take 5, Big 5, 5S 5 Why’s)
  • Sensing hazards – touch, sight, sound and smell
  • Establishing boundaries
  • PPE
  • Pre-work checks
  • Hazards
  • Common isolations
  • Post work checks
  • Reporting
  • Choose your activity (Vibration, Boroscope, Waterwash)
  • HMI configuration
  • Pre work, isolation, de isolation, HMI config
  • Start up

Course Curriculum

Gas Turbine Safety

  • Gas Turbine Safety

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Student Ratings & Reviews

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Sahaj Garg
6 months ago
7 months ago
good course
9 months ago
Incl GST


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