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Gas Turbine Borescoping

About Course

This course is divided into three sections, starting with a refresher and overview on basic Borescoping components to ensure participants are aligned with Borescope terminology and features. The second section covers the fundamentals of using a Borescope, allowing the participant to control a virtual Borescope and explore different features and use cases. The final section then applies learned knowledge to Borescoping scenarios while using the virtual Borescope to inspect and identify failure modes and then offers tips, tricks and Set-ups for optimal Borescoping Practices. This course includes 3D interactive simulations. If you would also like to practice Borescoping in an immersive environment in Virtual Reality - Please get in touch.
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What I will learn?

  • Introduction to Borescoping
  • Components that make up a Borescope
  • Understand different types of Borescope analysis
  • Basics of Borescope controls and functions
  • Borescope tips and use cases
  • Actions and procedures to access key areas using a borescope
  • Apply learned knowledge to a Borescoping scenario
  • Borescoping and understanding how to identify Gas Turbine failure modes
  • Tips, Tricks and set-up of Borescoping

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Borescopes

  • Introduction to Borescopes

Borescope Fundamentals

Borescope Practices

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3 Ratings
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Sahaj Garg
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Target Audience

  • This course provides an introduction to Gas Turbine Engine Borescoping and covers core Borescoping concepts to give an engineer/technician a strong foundation on how to use and make the most out of Gas Turbine Engine Borescoping.


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