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Gas Turbine Application And LifeCycle

About Course

This Gas Turbine Engines course covers a comprehensive overview of the lifecycle, maintenance, operation, and applications of Gas Turbine Engines. Students will learn about the different types of Gas Turbine Engines, their design, manufacturing, and testing processes. They will explore the various approaches to maintenance, such as preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance, and the tools and techniques used for each. The course will also cover the different operating decisions that need to be made throughout the Gas Turbine lifecycle, and the factors that influence them. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of the different Gas Turbine Engine applications and the specific requirements and challenges associated with each. Finally, the course will provide an overview of the different Gas Turbine Engine packages, including the components and accessories that make them up.
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What I will learn?

  • Explore the lifecycle of Gas Turbine Engines
  • Different implementations and approaches to Gas Turbine Engine maintenance
  • Operating decisions throughout the Gas Turbine lifecycle
  • Explore the different Gas Turbine Engine applications
  • Overview of Gas Turbine Engine packages

Course Curriculum

Gas Turbine Lifecycle and Applications

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Target Audience

  • Target audience: Professionals and students in engineering, aviation, marine, and industrial fields seeking knowledge of Gas Turbine Engines for their design, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, and operation or those who work in industries that utilize them.


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